Meet The N/A
Splash video MTT medic

Release Date

June 23, 2011





Meet the Medic is the only Team Fortress 2 Meet the Team video to be featured on the page of the game on the Steam website in the media slider. It's also the only one with Youtube subtitles enabled.


For the Transcript, see Meet the Medic/Transcript


  • The music at the beginning is a slowed down version of "Faster than a Speeding Bullet"
  • The title card shows "COPYRIGHT LOLOLOL", a recurring joke through Meet the Team videos.
  • There is a X-ray in the background showing a bomb lodged in the Heavy. However, the bomb is removed due to the fact it is in the bucket by the Medic. Also in the background, the Heavy's Minigun is laying on its own stretcher.
  • When the Heavy's heart is destroyed, the Cardioscan 2000 in the background goes flat, but goes back up as the Medic gets the new heart. It's unknown if the machine knew the heart's presence.
  • The Medic's Overdose can be seen next to the bucket from the extracted bomb.
  • One of the Medic's dove shares a name with "Archimedes", a Greek mathematician, physicist, enginner, inventor, and astronomer.
  • When the Medic open the fridge, three hearts can be seen. When the Medic grabs a heart, it reveals a BLU Spy's head attached to a battery with an ashtray. However, the first label for the hearts say Loch Ness Monster and Mega Baboon. The last label is unreadable. However, a Sandvich and three bottles of Red Shed Beer is also in the fridge.
  • A woman (who people think is Miss Paulings) is visible in 0:56 when one of the doves are knocked back. However, she is visible again in 1:22.
  • The Medic misspoke about the rib cages and how they don't grow back. However in reality, they can grow back when shortened properly.
  • At 2:28 a Pyro can be seen in his/her's Humiliation pose. However, it disappears quickly into the black smoke.
  • The Quick-Fix in the video uses sounds from the Medi-Gun.
  • At 2:49, the Scout's Bat flew from nowhere while he retrieves it.
  • The Medic did not receive an ÜberCharge when doing so on the Heavy.
  • A rocket deflects off the Heavy under the effects of an ÜberCharge. In game, rockets do not deflect, but rather disappear.
  • The Engineer in the video at 3:20-3:21 is holding the Frontier Justice, while the Sniper is equipping a primary slot stock weapon, the Sniper Rifle.
  • In the waiting room, the Pyro is reading a comic "The Insult that Made A "Jarate Master" out of Sniper". A Cigarette vending machine is also visible, which also makes an appearance in Meet the Spy in the intelligence.
  • The Engineer plays "A Little Heart to Heart" in the waiting room with his guitar.
  • When the Scout comes out of the Emergency Room, the X-Ray is still visible in the background with the bomb.