Ctf intelligence
Wave goodbye to ya secret crap, dumbass!

–The Scout

Capture The Flag is a game mode in which both teams are given an intelligence briefcase located deep in their base. They must take the enemy's intelligence and capture it by touching their capture zone to count as a score. The teams have to capture the enemy's intelligence a certain amount of time (3 as default).


Ctf backpack red scout

A RED Scout holding BLU's intelligence while taunting

As a flag, the intelligence briefcase (known as intel, for short) is a goal enemies try to steal and capture for a certain amount of captures. The player can not pick up the briefcase if they are under the effects of Bonk! Atmoic Punch or under the effects of an Medic's ÜberCharge. However, Spies will lose their Disguise as they touch the briefcase, but they can not pick it up cloaked. The intelligence carrier will have the enemy's briefcase on their back trailing paper particles and leaving a tail-colored path. The Intelligence Carrier can not use Teleporters, or enter their resupply area. If the player enters his or hers' resupply room, the intelligence will drop automatically. The Intelligence can be dropped by pressing a special key on the keyboard set by the player in Options.

Once the intelligence briefcase is dropped, a timer with a circle counts down starting from 60 seconds. If the intelligence hasn't been touched or moved by an enemy, it will return to its own starting point. However, if the team capture the other team's intelligence, the capping team receives one point and 10 seconds of critical hits. However, if the objective is not completed within the time limit set by the map/server, a Stalemate occurs.